Agricultural company «Svitanok» is an eco-farm, established in 2002.

The farm is situated in an ecologically clean area of the Novoselivka village, Kharkiv region. 

According to the cutting edge European technologies and under strict veterinary and sanitary norms, a pig breeding complex had been set up within the agricultural company «Svitanok».

The pig breeding complex is equipped with modern technological equipment from leading manufacturers of equipment for pig breeding: FANCON (Holland) і DALTEC (Denmark).

The design capacity of the pig breeding complex is 30 thousand head of cattle annually.

The main goal of owning an eco-farm is to provide the Group's meat processing enterprises with high-quality raw materials.

SMK Group meat products consumers can be sure that the goods they buy are made from natural, high-quality raw meat under all the rules of hygiene, sanitation and safety.


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