Social Responsibility

The social and corporate principles of the SMK Group are at the core of the company's culture, which has been developing since 2000.

Social Responsibility

Ensuring product quality and safety1

For the consumer, the SMK Group is an indicator of safety and a high standard of products. Strict and continuous technological and veterinary control installed in our factories ensures food safety and consistent quality of our products. The company regularly confirms the compliance of our production and management practices with the requirements of the international standards ISO9001 and ISO22000 (HACCP).

We are convinced that the quality of life depends on the quality of the products.

Ensuring the rights of personnel to safe work, improving working conditions, as well as promoting the development and training of personnel2

The SMK Group supports the UN Global Compact, implements the principles in the field of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. We are committed to preventing accidents, injuries and occupational diseases, and to protect our employees, contractors and everyone involved in the manufacturing process. The SMK Group regularly conducts trainings of effective communications  for the employees. The latest technologies are being implemented, which simplify the work of employees and improve the level of customer service.

Supporting talented youth and creating jobs3

The SMK Group accepts under its tutelage young professionals who strive to be the best specialists in their area, get an education and acquire the skills necessary for the chosen specialty.

Environment protection4

The SMK Group strives to carry out activities with a minimum impact on the environment. Strives to rationally use natural resources at all stages of the product's life cycle.
The latest energy saving systems are being introduced, electric vehicles are being used for delivery.

Protection of cultural heritage5

Providing consumers with quality meat products for many years, the SMK Group considers it its duty to take an active part in the social, cultural, historical and economic development of Ukraine. Participates in social, charitable programs and sponsors cultural events that are an important component of national identity.

Prompt response to challenges6

To the extent possible, the SMK Group is making efforts to counter the coronavirus pandemic so that doctors are provided with the necessary equipment and citizens receive effective treatment. Thus, at the beginning of the quarantine, the SMK Group donated the first portable ventilator to the Bogodukhivsky district hospital; Zmiivsky central regional hospital received medical masks, gloves, protective suits, respirators, disposable gowns and protective shields. In addition, the SMK Group donated food packages to people over sixty-five years old, veterans, disabled people and victims of Chernobyl (residents of the village of Gorkoye).


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