SMK Group is a reliable partner for suppliers and buyers.

We conduct business according to Western standards: long-term relations, open trade and information policy, profitable cooperation.


SMK Group builds reliable, mutually beneficial, and comfortable cooperation with suppliers and contractors. 

We invite manufacturers, official representatives of manufacturers, direct importers of raw materials and materials to cooperate.

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One of the main principles of the Company is to promote the highest ethical standards in relationships with suppliers and build mutually beneficial relationships on a long-term basis.

Cooperation with SMK Group combines reliability, convenience and simplicity. For suppliers and contractors, favorable and most comfortable conditions are offered.

All procurement procedures are carried out in an open and transparent manner in compliance with all the requirements of the Ukrainian laws.


The distribution of SMK Group in Ukraine is an integrated geographically distributed system. The most friendly and customer-oriented distribution on the Ukrainian market.

SMK Group pursues an open trade and information policy, declares a clear pricing policy and strictly follows the declared value proposition. The status of a sales partner of the SMK Group ensures long-term prospects for a profitable business in the sales of sausages and meat products.


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