SMK Group - owns 7 trade marks. These are the brands of meat products of the luxury, medium and budget segments, as well as its own online supermarket.

  • ТМ «Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant»
  • ТМ «Bogodukhivsky meat processing plant»
  • ТМ «Berdyansk Meat Processing Plant»
  • ТМ «Taste Ukrainian»
  • ТМ «Meat Dynasty»
  • ТМ «Ristorante Bruno»
  • ТМ «Cooker»
ТМ «Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant»

"Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant" is a top meat brand in Ukraine since 2000, an award winner for product quality. A meat brand that combines the high quality of SMK Group products and innovative marketing trends of the Ukrainian market. The assortment includes 500+ items: sausages, sausages, meat delicacies. The products of the "Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant" trademark are presented in 20 regions of the country.

ТМ «Bogodukhivsky meat processing plant»

"Bogodukhivsky meat processing plant" is a well-known trade mark on the Ukrainian market. Produced under the trademark 500 products, meat and delicacies. Namely: sausages, sausages and wieners, raw smoked and dry-cured sausages, pork ribs and tenderloin, gourmet beef, bacon. Products are presented in the East and in the Center of Ukraine.

ТМ «Berdyansk Meat Processing Plant»

Today the “Berdyansk Meat Processing Plant” trademark is widely known and popular among Ukrainians. Until 2011, meat products were known under this trademark only in Zaporizhzhya and Donetsk regions. Produced under the trademark 400+ types of cooked, smoked, dried sausages and meat delicacies. Products are presented on south, east and in the center of Ukraine.

ТМ «Taste Ukrainian»

“Taste Ukrainian” is a regional trade mark. The most popular categories of goods in the budget segment are produced under this brand. Namely: boiled, boiled-smoked and semi-smoked sausages, sausages and wieners.

ТМ «Meat Dynasty»

The “Meat Dynasty” trademark is a regional trademark with an optimal price-quality ratio for consumers who are not ready to overpay. Popular budget sausages are produced under this trademark: boiled, boiled-smoked and semi-smoked sausages, sausages and wieners.

ТМ «Ristorante Bruno»

TM "Ristorante Bruno" is a premium export trade mark focused on the foreign market. Meat delicacies are produced from natural meat of the highest grades according to European technologies. The assortment includes bacon, pork fat, meat jelly, edible bone and pork fat, edible animal fats, sausages, blood sausage, meat extracts.

ТМ «Cooker»

Cooker branded products are available in the Cooker online supermarket. Supermarket customers get fresh chicken, turkey, veal, pork, minced meat, offal, marinated meat, and chilled semi-finished meat products with delivery.


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