Brand retail

An important link in the distribution system of SMK Group products. The chain has 600+ branded stores under the brands "Saltivsky meat processing plant" and "Berdyansk meat processing plant". SMK branded stores are located in the center of the north, east and south of Ukraine.


SMK Group is expanding its chain of branded stores: in 2020, 100+ new outlets were opened and reconstructed in different regions of Ukraine. The Group supports the “Store at Home” trend: it develops new store formats, introduces new product groups, and increases the assortment of fresh meat and ready-to-go products. In addition, branded stores sell bread, milk, cheese, groceries, drinks, pastries and other products. Regular customers of SMK Group appreciate fresh tasty products, favorable prices and attractive promotions.


The Group's meat processing plants produce 2,000+ sausages and meat products. The assortment includes traditional products: boiled, smoked, uncooked smoked, dry-cured sausages, sausages and wieners. Meat delicacies are also produced: pork ribs and bacon, gourmet beef, tenderloin and others.
In addition to its own production, the stores offer other goods: milk, cheese, fresh bread, groceries, beverages, confectionery, cooking, snacks, vegetables and fruits and many other products.

All products comply with the requirements established by the legislation of Ukraine, regulatory documents and quality standards.


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