Gastronomic festivals, city days, resort areas, Christmas fairs - the list of places where you can enjoy delicious grilled sausages from the brands «Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant» and «Bogodukhivsky Meat Processing Plant» is constantly expanding.

The experience of world experts in sausage frying - from Germany and Austria - has determined the choice of equipment for branded street food outlets. Grilled Munich sausage, roasted according to German technology, tastes the same as in the centre of Bavaria. The range of sausages and a variety of flavours will not leave any traditionally fried sausage lover indifferent.

To feel the taste palette fully, sausages are wrapped in thin pita bread with the addition of traditional sauces. Each portion of sausages is packed in an individual «envelope». For complete pleasure, you can compliment this delicacy with crispy French fries. Stylish «cabins» with a grill are equipped under all the requirements of sanitary norms.

Quality and safety are the main priorities of the team’s project.
Have fun with your friends and enjoy the taste of real German sausages.


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