In 15 minutes. Cooker has cut product delivery times in half. Now this is the first high-speed delivery in Kiev.

Ukrainian food tech startup optimized internal processes and expanded its chain of stores. The company also used modern automation systems and improved its product placement strategy. The Cooker stores have become smarter and now operate as logistics hubs.

The employees can quickly complete a grocery basket for each client. Products are placed on the shelves according to orders: those that are usually ordered together are next to each other. All this allowed to reduce the time of products delivery from 30 to 15 minutes. With the improved internal organization, all storage conditions are observed.

“Speed in today's digital world is worth its weight in gold, and the fight for every minute spent on order picking and on the courier's journey is extremely acute,” says Vitaliy Yanitsky, Cooker Development Director. “Therefore, we are increasing the density of our presence in the city and today we deliver products to the door in 15 minutes already. Faster delivery would only be possible via a product pipeline running from the cloud store directly to the kitchen. "

According to Yanitsky, on the wave of high demand, the e-grocery segment is changing so much and so often that it’s hard to imagine what opportunities await it in the future.

The Cooker service was launched in Kiev in 2020 and consistently fulfilled orders in 30 minutes. Over this time, the company has already become "familiar" for the people of Kiev. Since July, it has also been the first express company. Now food "at a click away" for the customers appears in their kitchen in 15 minutes. But the company is appreciated not only for its speed, but also for its reliability, when you ordered something and received it in a marketable condition.

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