One of the main goals of the SMK Group is to promote the highest ethical standards in relations with suppliers and build mutually beneficial relationships on a long-term basis.

Cooperation with SMK Group combines reliability, convenience and simplicity. Favorable and most comfortable conditions are offered for the suppliers and contractors.

Equal and impartial conditions for participation in procurement procedures, no-discrimination policy and unjustified restrictions of competition are provided for existing and potential suppliers.

All procurement procedures are conducted on an open and transparent basis in compliance with all requirements of Ukrainian legislation.
Selection of suppliers of raw meat, spices, casings, packaging and auxiliary materials, energy resources, tech equipment, spare parts and components, computers and office equipment, office furniture, stationery, household goods, construction materials (hereinafter "Suppliers") and contractors for the work execution, service provision (hereinafter "Contractors") is carried out by the SMK Group on a permanent basis.

The selection of Suppliers/Contractors is based on the Closed Procurement Procedures.

The Provider of Procurement Procedures for all the enterprises of the SMK Group is Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant LLC, legal address: 171B Krasnodarska Str, Kharkiv, 61176 (hereinafter "the Provider").
The frequency of Requests for Proposals is determined by production and development plans and is drawn up in the schedule of Procurement Proposals.
Reception and processing of commercial proposals is carried out via electronic tendering system APS-Smart .

Invitation to participate in the Request for Proposals may be done by submitting a notice by Suppliers and Contractors about the Request for Proposals via APS-Smart system by e-mail or in any other way that allows you to record the fact of sending the message.
Prerequisite and registration of the participant is an indispensable condition for participation in the Request for Proposals.
Only manufacturers and/or official representatives of manufacturers and/or direct importers of raw materials and materials are allowed to participate in the Request for Proposals.
Exceptions are Procurement Procedures for the purchase of non-essential raw materials (e.g. offal, pork ears, etc.), when not only producers and/or official representatives of producers and/or direct importers of raw materials may be allowed to participate.

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Distribution of SMK Group in Ukraine (TH SMK Ukraine, Distributors, Branch network, logistics of Branded Retail, logistics of the online market Cooker) and abroad (TH SMK Tanzania) is an integrated territorially distributed system.
Key components of SMK Group distribution in Ukraine:
All set up - has only the necessary elements;
Naturally integrated - the boundaries of ownership are sufficient to ensure control, but at the same time preserve the entrepreneurial initiative and the energy of the participants, as one of the main pillars for the promotion and redistribution of risks;
Managed - allows you to conduct aggressive sales and marketing tasks, provides quick feedback.

SMK Group distribution in Ukraine is focused on servicing key market segments:

  • Network retail with specialization in products;
  • Traditional retail trade with specialization in products (grocery stores, shops near  house, SAFs);
  • Corporate segment (HoReCa);
  • Wholesalers;
  • Households.

SMK Group distribution is the most friendly and customer-oriented distribution on the market of sausages and meat products in Ukraine.

SMK value proposition for the Client:

  • Building strong long-term relationships;
  • Doing business according to modern Western standards;
  • Business support for all customers;
  • Understanding the core problems of distribution and retail as a business;
  • Coordination of joint actions to achieve the best result;
  • Creativity and energy in relationships.

This information explains the situation around the SMK Group distribution in Ukraine.
As of April 30, 2021, the only official representative of the SMK in Ukraine is the Trading House "SMK Ukraine" (LLC “TH SMK Ukraine", director - Mykhailo Bondarenko).

No other companies (except those listed above) are the distributors of SMK in the Ukrainian market. Any information on the distribution of SMK on the market of Ukraine, which is disseminated by other legal entities and/or individuals, cannot (should not) be considered as information that has any legal basis.
All deliveries to the distributor's address are made directly from the SMK Group meat processing plants.
All deliveries to customers of other market segments are made by Trading House “SMK Ukraine”.
SMK Group pursues an open trade and information policy, declares a clear pricing policy, maintains a decent level of profitability in all sales channels and strictly adheres to the stated value proposition for sales Partners - SMK Group Sales Partner status provides long-term prospects for profitable business in sale of sausages and meat products.

In this regard, SMK Group is ready to promptly respond to any inadequate information and inconsistent price proposals.
Also we inform that trademarks "Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant", "Bogodukhovsky Meat Processing Plant", "Berdyansk Meat Processing Plant", "Kiev Meat Processing Plant", "Taste Ukrainian", "Meat Dynasty", "Ristorante Bruno" , "Cooker" are officially registered Trademarks. Any unauthorized usage of these trademarks will be prosecuted under the Ukrainian law

How to become an SMK Client - 5 simple steps:

  • Step №1. Making a request for cooperation;
  • Step №2. Negotiations with the responsible official of “TH SMK Ukraine";
  • Step №3. Analysis of information on the results of negotiations, request for additional information (financial statements), verification of financial statements by the credit controller of SMK Group;
  • Step №4. Departure of the representative of “TH SMK Ukraine" to the territory of the potential Client, acquaintance with infrastructure and personnel;
  • Step №5. Making a decision on granting the status, agreeing on the terms of delivery, execution of the Agreement, issuance of a certificate

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