SMK Group is one of the most powerful, modern and high-tech meat processing businesses in Ukraine.

SMK Group was established in 2008 on the basis of three meat processing plants - Saltivsky, Bogodukhivsky and the one in Berdyansk.

SMK Group is conducting 2010-2020 under the slogan of expanding technological capacities. The latest tech equipment is purchased and put into operation. The advantage is growing as well as the gap from its rivals.

Today, SMK Group is a vertically integrated holding company specializing in meat processing. It includes:

  • 4 meat processing enterprises: Saltivsky, Bogodukhivsky, Berdyansk and Kyiv meat processing plants;
  • Eco-farm Agricultural company "Svitanok" - land bank (land), feed production, pig farm;
  • Trading House - 7 Regional Branches;
  • Branded retail - more than 600 retail outlets under the brands "Saltivsky Meat Processing plant", "Berdyansk Meat Processing plant";
  • “Cooker” Online Supermarket.

The first batch of sausages was made by Saltivsky Meat Processing plant in 2000, and today SMK Group is one of the most powerful, modern and high-tech meat processing businesses in Ukraine, a leading producer and undisputed leader of the Ukrainian meat processing market.

Commodity turnover
In production, SMK Group relies on technological strength and excellence (productivity, versatility, quality).
The constant search for new technologies and the pursuit of impeccable quality is the basis of the production philosophy of SMK Group.
The technical equipment of the Group's enterprises is carried out by the world leaders in the production of the machinery.

For meat processing: SCHRÖTER (Germany), HANDTMAN (Germany), POLY-CLIP (Germany), MULTIVAC (Germany), SHALLER (Germany), SUPERVAC (Germany), CLIMAJET (Germany), HENKELMANN (Germany), WEBOMATIC (Germany) ), NOCK (Germany), PANINI (Italy), ULMA (Spain), NOVOTHERM (Austria), NOWICKI (Poland), REX-POL (Poland).

For pig breeding: FANCON (Holland), DALTEC (Denmark).

The equipment is constantly updated and modernized.

Each stage of the production process is constantly monitored to obtain products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety, and has a unique taste at an affordable price.

The main strategic priorities of the SMK are high product quality and reasonable prices.

SMK products are well known in the Ukrainian market. Buyers know, love and are happy to buy meat products under the SMK Group brands.

The SMK sausages and meat products buyers appreciate the quality, variety of tastes combined with reasonable prices.

The competitiveness of SMK products is ensured by the use of the best domestic and imported raw meat, spices and food supplements, natural and artificial casings from leading world, European and domestic manufacturers, variety of packaging materials and packaging itself.

To ensure competitive advantages in the market, the Company's specialists carefully monitor the latest advances in the field of technology and equipment for meat processing, packaging, storage, trends in the market of sausages and meat products. This allows to quickly respond to market demands and create new products that best meet the tastes of

Ukrainian consumers. A wide range of sausages and meat products, made due to both traditional and innovative technologies and recipes, allowed SMK to gain the reputation of the most exquisite meat business in Ukraine.

Despite its young age, the SMK Group firmly takes leading positions in the Ukrainian meat processing market both in terms of product quality and the effectiveness of innovative solutions.
SMK products have been regularly awarded diplomas and quality certificates. The awards of the expert society and customer loyalty are convincing proof of the impeccable quality and excellent taste of SMK products.

SMK Group's strategy is to produce the best meat products in the country.

Long-term strategy - access to international markets.

Production processes, relations with suppliers, human resources, investment policy. A team of highly professional managers works on solving these and many other strategic tasks.

SMK group is:

  • Dynamics

SMK Group is one of the most dynamic domestic meat processing enterprises.
SMK consistently adheres to the principle of innovative directions in its activities. The use of high-tech equipment and the continuous search for the latest technologies all over the world allow us to constantly develop new types of products.

  • Perfection

The combination of the latest advances in science and technology, the professionalism of top management and the entire team, a sense of taste in everything that SMK produces, allow the Company to beat its competitors and gain the sympathy of a growing circle of consumers.

  • Professionalism

Careful selection and high requirements of the Company's management to employees, combined with a special system of training within the company and various forms of incentives allow the Company's staff to behave in the market as professionally and efficiently as possible.

  • Integration

High managerial competencies, as well as real professionalism and initiative of employees allowed to build the SMK Company as a holistic operating system, which, due to the close ties with foreign partners, is ready to integrate into the European economy.

  • Flexibility

Special requirements for equipment that is universal and allows to produce a wide range of products, create an opportunity for SMK to be as flexible as required by modern business conditions and consumer preferences.

SMK Group does not stand still and constantly improves its product, its sales offers, approaches to production technology, management structure, distribution, sales, promotion and advertising.


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