Bohodukhiv Meat Processing Plant LLC was established on the basis of Bohodukhiv Meat Factory - a meat processing enterprise with a 90-year history in the city of Bohodukhiv, Kharkiv region.

The history of the Bohodukhiv Factory began in 1930 with the construction of a poultry plant, an ice-salt refrigerator (with a capacity of 87 tons of simultaneous storage of frozen raw materials), two feeders for fattening poultry and a barn.

Already in 1950, the pork and cattle slaughterhouse (with a capacity of 20-30 tons per day) and a facility for the production of sausages (with a capacity of 2 tons daily) were built. Sausage production began in 1956.

A series of minor construction projects, expansion and reconstruction accompany the enterprise throughout the period of activity until 1995, when the form of ownership was changed from the Leased Company to the Closed Joint-Stock Company "Bogodukhiv Meat Factory", and until 2005, when the meat plant became part of SMK Group.

After that, the company began a really large-scale construction and reconstruction, completely upgraded equipment and significantly expanded production capacity.

In 2006-2012, they put into operation facilities for the production of cooked and semi-smoked sausages, smoked and cured sausages, boiled-smoked and smoked delicacies. This allowed to significantly increase production and reach a whole new level.

In 2017, Bohodukhiv Meat Processing Plant commissioned the largest facility in Ukraine for the production of smoked and cured sausages.

In 2018 - complete reconstruction of production facilities and the administrative building. They begin the construction of the expedition.

In 2020, the enterprise finished the construction of the factory of physical and chemical treatment of wastewater, where they installed a line for filtration of wastewater from mechanical impurities and solid particles.

Since joining the SMK Group and until now, the company has undergone a complete reconstruction, totally updated equipment and significantly expanded production capacity.

The enterprise manufactures products under the Bohodukhiv Meat Processing Plant trademark. The production facilities of BMP also include products under the trademarks "Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant" (mainly cured and smoked sausages), as well as "Taste Ukrainian".

In addition to traditional meat products, such as boiled sausages, frankfurters and hot dogs, boiled-smoked, semi-smoked and hard-smoked sausages, smoked and cured sausages, hams, boiled-smoked and smoked meat delicacies, fried and baked meat products, jellies and pâtés, chilled meat semi-finished products, the BMP also produces a wide range of non-regular gourmet meat products: pork ribs, gourmet beef, pork tenderloin, grilled pork bacon and many other delicacies.

The company produces more than 500 items under the brand "Bohodukhiv Meat Processing Plant".

The main charm of the plant is smoked and cured sausages.
Bohodukhiv Meat Processing Plant is the only one meat factory in Ukraine that produces Fuet using Spanish technology.

Main (due to the consumers’ feedback) assortment items of Bohodukhiv Meat Processing Plant:

  • Boiled sausage "Children's" SSUr;
  • Sausages "Children's" SSU;
  • Boiled-smoked sausage "Saveloy";
  • Boiled-smoked sausage "Salami Koch Classic";
  • Half-smoked sausage "Spanish salami";
  • "Tatar’s Mahan" smoked sausage;
  • Raw dried sausage "Fuet with figs";
  • Ham "Slobozhanska";
  • The jellied tongue.

The production is equipped with modern equipment from leading European manufacturers: SCHRÖTER (Germany), HANDTMANN (Germany), POLY-CLIP (Germany), MULTIVAC (Germany), CLIMAJET (Germany), PANINI (Italy), ULMA (Spain), NOVOTHERM (Austria), NOWICKI (Poland).

Products of PJSC "Bohodukhiv Meat Processing Plant" meet all current legislation and requirements of Ukraine. The company has a certified integrated quality and food safety management system in accordance with the requirements of international standards - ISO 9001: 2015 "Quality Management System" and ISO 22000: 2018 "Food Safety Management System. Requirements for the organizations involved in the food production chain”.

Bohodukhiv Meat Processing Plant  actively participates in the public life of Bohodukhiv. The meat-packing plant regularly supports various social initiatives, charitable actions, provides assistance to the poorest sections of the population.

Nowadays, Bohodukhiv Meat Processing Plant is one of the most modern and high-tech meat processing enterprises in Ukraine and the undisputed leader of the meat processing market in the Kharkiv region.

Every year the enterprise increases its production capacity, optimizes technological processes and expands the geography of its products.
Its products are widely represented in the East, South and Center of Ukraine.


Director - Ryabovol Vitaly Viktorovich.


Address: 68 Privokzalna Slobodka Str, Bohodukhiv Kharkiv region

Tel .: +38 (068) 583-62-57




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