Berdyansk Meat Processing Plant LLC and Berdyansk Sausages LLC were established on the basis of Berdyansk Meat Factory, which was put into operation in 1967 as a full-cycle meat processing enterprise.

At that time, advanced Danish and German technological developments were used in the construction of the enterprise. The main activity of the plant was meat procurement.

In 1976, the Berdyansk Meat Factory became the basic enterprise for the introduction of best practices for meat processing plants in Ukraine. Then the range of products numbered up to 80 items. Meat delicacies have been successfully exported abroad: to Poland, Mongolia, Egypt, Italy and Cuba.

In 1978, the meat-packing plant became the first enterprise in the country to be awarded the state quality mark for food products.

In 1998 the enterprise was re-registered as Berdyansk Sausages LLC.

In 2007 the Berdyansk Meat Factory plant becomes a part of SMK Group, so the large-scale transformations begin.

2007-2009, development of a project to expand and modernize production facilities, and of a comprehensive program to reduce environmental impact, as well as a program of energy saving and energy efficiency.

The year 2010. The first stage of reconstruction of the enterprise, expansion and modernization of production facilities is completed.

In 2016-2020, the reconstruction of the energy infrastructure (high-voltage substation and boiler house), production facilities (refrigerator, sausage shop), administrative building, cargo checkpoint; construction and reconstruction of the buildings of the brand’s warehouse, shop with deboning manufactory, grape processing manufactory, the project of landscaping.

We completed the reconstruction of production facilities in accordance with European standards and renewed the fleet of technological equipment, which allowed to significantly increase production volumes and reach a completely new level of quality.

The company is located in a protected area, and supplies products to children's institutions, boarding houses.

The Meat Processing Plant manufactures products under the trademarks "Berdyansk Meat Processing Plant", "Meat Dynasty", "Berdyansk Fish".
Main types of products: boiled sausages, frankfurters and sausages, boiled-smoked, semi-smoked and hard-smoked sausages, smoked and cured sausages, hams, boiled-smoked and smoked meat delicacies, fried and baked meat products, jellies and pâtés, canned meat, chilled meat semi-finished products. The company also produces canned fish, carries out slaughter and deboning of cattle, processes fat and bones.

Approximate number of assortment items - more than 400.
The most popular assortment items among consumers:

  • Boiled sausage "Olivier";
  • Boiled sausage "Turkey";
  • Regular sausages “Tender”;
  • Half-smoked sausages "Belgian";
  • Half-smoked sausage "Salami Brown".

The production is equipped with modern machines from leading European manufacturers: SCHRÖTER (Germany), HANDTMANN (Germany), POLY-CLIP (Germany), MULTIVAC (Germany), ULMA (Spain), NOVOTHERM (Austria) and others.

The products meet all current regulatory and legal requirements of Ukraine. The company has a certified food safety management system in accordance with the requirements of SSU ISO: 22000: 2007.

The company regularly provides charitable assistance via medicines, medical supplies, food (meat products) for the city hospital and ambulance station, and for public and municipal enterprises of the city.

Berdyansk Sausages LLC actively participates in tasting competitions and mass events, for which it has been regularly awarded diplomas and prizes.

Today Berdyansk Meat Processing Plant is the most powerful meat processing enterprise in the South of Ukraine.

The Berdyansk Meat Processing Plant trademark, traditionally well-known in Zaporizhia and Donetsk oblasts, but also has expanded its presence in Southern, Eastern and Central Ukraine since 2011.

Thanks to cooperation with national retail chains, since 2019 the products of Berdyansk Meat Processing Plant have become available in Kyiv and Kyiv region.


Director - Kravetsky Oleg Nikolaevich.


Address: 82/2 Melitopolskoe highway,

Berdyansk, Zaporizhia region

Tel .: +38 (061) 532-13-60




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