Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant LLC is the flagship enterprise of SMK Group - a complex, fully automated production, which is today one of the largest meat processing enterprises in Ukraine.

Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant LLC (SMP) was founded in 2000 from a "blank sheet". In the name of the enterprise there is the name of a large residential area in Kharkiv - Saltivka.

From the very beginning, SMP has set a course to gain leading positions in the Ukrainian market, actively expanding production capacity at the main (171B Krasnodarska Str, Kharkiv) and auxiliary production sites (10K Industrialna Street, Kharkiv).

In 2005 Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant acquired Bogodukhiv Meat Processing Plant (Bohodukhiv, Kharkiv region), and in 2006 - Berdyansk Meat Processing Plant (Berdyansk, Zaporizhia region).

The market share is expanding dynamically. In 2005, SMP was included in the top ten, and in 2006 - already in the top five largest and best national producers of sausages and meat products, evidenced by diplomas received by the company throughout the period of activity.

In 2007, the Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant initiated the consolidation of sectoral assets, and the SMK Group was established.

During 2008-2011, a comprehensive program to reduce the impact on the environment and a complex energy saving program are being developed, the gas supply system of the main production site was reconstructed (171B Krasnodarska Str, Kharkiv), as well as the gasification project of the auxiliary production site was implemented (10K Industrialna Street, Kharkiv).

Within 2012-2020, production facilities are expanding, equipment is constantly being upgraded (storage facilities, refrigerators, deboning manufactory, emulsion and nutrient preparation department, heat treatment and packaging departments, expedition), while the office premises are being reconstructed.

Since the establishment of the company in 2000, the main goal of Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant has always been and remains till now to meet the customer demand for quality and tasty products. Over the years, the company has managed to earn a reputation of a reliable producer and win the long-term commitment of a wide range of meat products’ consumers.

The company manufactures products under the brand name "Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant".

The main types of products are boiled sausages, frankfurters and regular sausages, boiled-smoked, semi-smoked and hard-smoked sausages, raw smoked and raw sausages, hams, boiled-smoked and smoked meat delicacies, fried and baked meat products, jellies and pâtés, chilled meat semi-finished products.
The product range includes more than 500 items.

The best assortment items:

  • Boiled sausage "Likarska" (State Standard of Ukraine) in cellophane;
  • Sausages "Children's" SSU in a cellulose cover;
  • Boiled-smoked sausage "Moscow" SSU;
  • Boiled-smoked sausage "Saveloy" SSU;
  • Half-smoked sausage "Italian Salami" Class 1;
  • Semi-smoked sausage "Krakow" SSU;
  • Half-smoked sausages "Hunters’" SSU;
  • Smoked sausage "Braunschweig" SSU;
  • Ham "Poltava" in the blue;
  • Basturma "Banquet" (beef);
  • Baked pork neck;
  • Smoked balyk "Darnytskyi" smoked;
  • Smoked pork balyk "Delicatessen".

The SMP uses modern technologies and equipment from the leading European manufacturers: HANDTMAN (Germany), POLY-CLIP (Germany), MULTIVAC (Germany), SUPERVAC (Germany), PANINI (Italy), ULMA (Spain), NOVOTHERM (Austria), NOWICKI Poland), REX-POL (Poland) etc

The company has a certified food safety management system in accordance with the requirements of State Standard of Ukraine 4161-2003. Nowadays there’s a final stage of the transition to a new version of SSU 22000: 20018 "Food Safety Management System. Requirements for organizations involved in the food production chain”.

Strict and continuous technological and veterinary control, established at the enterprise, ensures food safety and stable product quality.

The Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant LLC products meet all the requirements of regulatory documents (Technical Specifications, SSU).

Throughout all its activity SMP pays great attention to social projects and charity.

Each year the company allocates funds, food, basic necessities to various charitable foundations, organizations and societies.

For twenty years of work Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant has managed to earn a reputation of a reliable producer and win a long-term devotion of a wide range of meat products’ consumers.

Due to the high quality combined with unique taste characteristics, the products of Saltivsky Meat Processing Plant  have gained outstanding popularity in the market not only of Kharkiv, but also in the Eastern, Southern and Central Ukraine.


Director - Makhotka Olga Igorivna


Address: 171B Krasnodarska Str, Kharkiv

Tel: 0 800 33-05-95



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